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  1. Seeking: Full-Time Teacher for (mostly) grade 1 to 6 students.
  2. We Welcome new teachers with BA (or higher) from English-speaking countries.
  3. Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm with a break or 12-6:30pm.
  4. Age Level of Class: Elementary School & 3-6 year old kindy class
  5. Looking for teachers with strong organizational skills, Teachers who are imaginative, hard working and collaborative, and want to improve their teaching skills to compete and contribute in this 21st-century world.
Career Development Buleprint
Professional talent development

Improvement of
Training and Development

  1. Teacher career development
  2. Professional development training
  3. Credit blueprints for job positions
  4. Reserve Supervisor Training
  5. Mentor coaching program

Diversified Training Methods

  1. On-site courses, book clubs
  2. Workshops, online courses
  3. Job rotation
  4. Mentoring and observation
  5. Community-based learning

Intelligent Campus

  1. Training APP
  2. Cloud video knowledge base
  3. Online e-office
  4. School APP
  5. Asana Project System
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