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Why Join Us?
Excellent Salary
We offer competitive salary with impact, supporting your partner and be the breadwinner of your family
We use a system-wide digital app to make work and life more compatible
Teaching With Teamwork
We encourage teamwork, resource sharing and inspiring others to improve
Childcare Benefits to Support Life
We provide an array of childcare benefits for our teachers, including afterschool care, reduced tuition and/or free schooling for their children
Quality Partners for Innovation
We encourage mentor relationships, team building, and constant innovation
Multicultural Exchange and Integration
We promote multicultural exchange and have an innovative and inclusive work environment
Knowledge Sharing in a Continuous Learning Environment
We specialize in comprehensive training
and continuous support to train new talent.
Nature-filled Ecological Campus
We prioritize environmental sustainability
with a natural and ecological green campus
Teaching will Bring You Great Joy

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package including

  • A robust bonus and incentive system
  • Annual dividend of more than 40% of surplus
  • Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival gifts
  • Comprehensive group insurance
  • Generous leave structure

We prioritize partner well-being

  • Eco-friendly campus
  • Organic lunches with non-toxic supplies
  • Sports and Aesthetic Clubs
  • Arts and Culture Subsidies

We offer skill upgrades through

  • Regular coaching by professional instructors
  • Succession training program

We offer a range of family-friendly benefits such as

  • A warm and friendly child care environment that fosters growth and development for young children.
  • Comfortable and private breastfeeding rooms to support new mothers.
  • Convenient school care for children between the ages of 2 and 12, with no need to.

We support your family with

  • Flexible family leave options available (maternity, family care, baby-sitting)
  • Subsidies for family members to join company events
  • Discounts for children's school enrollment fees (10% off after-school registration, 49% off monthly fees)
  • Free registration and reduced monthly fee for single parent employees' children
  • Third child in a family receives free schooling
  • Free schooling provided in case of family emergencies

Heartfelt Gifts for You

  • Special gifts for festival activities
  • Season Arts exclusive shopping discounts

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